RHG Information - Homeschool Classes in Farmington Hills

With over 400 students and growing, ​Renaissance Homeschool Group offers K-12th grade students some of the very best educational opportunities available to those who homeschool in Southeast Michigan. 

Anchored by a wide variety of classes in an atmosphere that is friendly, happy, and encouraging with high standards for class content and student participation, RHG also offers multiple field trip and social opportunities throughout the year as well as expert consultation to assist families in their homeschooling goals. 

Renaissance teachers are paid professionals and experts in their fields. RHG is not a co-op and parents are not required to teach or take on other extensive tasks. Families have minimal volunteer requirements - typically 2 to 4 hours per semester total.

Most families have the option to drop their children off while they are in classes and parents are also welcome to remain on site to enjoy social time with other wonderful homeschooling families. 

In addition to exceptional classes, RHG offers a variety of optional field trips, social, and service opportunities throughout the school year.​​​​

Our group and our classes are structured so that families of faith as well as secular families will feel comfortable and respected. We are neither a religious group nor a secular group. We are a homeschool group!​

RHG reserves the right to refuse enrollment or participation to anyone for any reason except on the basis of race, religion, national origin, or other legally protected status.​