Program Advertising

Below are options for advertisement space purchases in the Renaissance Players program of Annie Jr.! 

As a theater company who will bring in audiences, your advertisement will reach up to 800 patrons who attend our shows! 

Your advertisement will help us enrich our student's experience in fine arts, and impact the community we perform in, so we thank you for your time, consideration, and support! 

Note: All advertising is subject to RHG approval.

Business Card Adverstisement $25.00


A business card advertisement is just that! Send us a picture or mail us your business card and we will put it in our program. Simple, easy, accessible! 

For an extra $25.00 we will also place your business cards (provided by you) at the ticket booth in the lobby, where guests will pick up their tickets!

Half Page Advertisement $50.00


With a half page advertisement spot you can email us your graphic, and we will designate half of a page to your business or well wishes to the cast!

Full Page Advertisement $100.00


A full page will be dedicated to your business or your message to the cast with this selection! Email us your message or graphic and market to your community!

SOLD - Back Cover Advertisement $500.00


The back cover to our program is a highly valuable space as it is the most visually available space to our patrons! 

Consider this marketing space for your company and the good it will do for your business! Email your graphic and see your contribution to our program on the back cover of every program!

Patronage $850.00


Patrons receive one full page of advertisement space, 10 tickets, and a live 30 second informational mention at the beginning of the show delivered by the director.

Personal Shoutout $10.00


A personal shout-out advertisement is one or two sentences ( 60 characters or less) that congratulate a cast or crew member! 

If you would like to include any pictures, you must purchase a quarter  sized ad (business card) or half a page. Email us your shout out and we will place it in a shoutout section of the program!

Click the link below to send us your advertisement. Include the email that you used to purchase.